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Why You Need To Find The Best New York Appeals Lawyer


Although the courtroom drama is boring, when it comes to filing an appeal with the appellate court, you need to have the best appeals lawyer on your side. This is true no matter if you need to file your appeal in the federal court or state court.


New York Appeals Attorney
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But how do you find the best appeals lawyer? If you live in New York, the first step in the right direction is to search for appeals lawyer. Search for “New York appeals lawyer.”

If you did just that, you would see that there are three types of search results from which you can choose your New York appeals, lawyers. The results directly below the search bar are paid results or the lawyers that are advertising on Google. The second search results are the local search result, which you can easily tell from the box that contains a locator map and a directory-type listing of the lawyers in the area. The third search results are third-party websites that offer top ten lists on the top appeals lawyers operating in New York.

We are not going to tell you which type of results to narrow your search results from. However, we are going to tell you that, no matter what you do, you should find the time to do research on the lawyer you are about to hire.

If you use the law firms with the paid ads, you would need to do extra work by asking for references directly from the lawyer and then calling those references and asking about their experiences. On the other hand, you can easily narrow Google local search -you just need to call the lawyers that have star ratings and customer reviews.

Unfortunately, the Google local search results only have very few New York appeals lawyers that are rated by their clients. This can limit your choices because, ideally, you should have at least three lawyers on your short list before narrowing them down to one.
What you can do, though, is to take the rated results and then combine them with the lawyers on third-party websites like If you take a look at Avvo, you will see that there are many lawyers that are highly-rated there.

Again, aim to have at least three top-rated lawyers on your shortlist. Narrow them down by interviewing them in a consultation meeting. What you want to do is to know for sure that you can work with the lawyer and that you would be comfortable sharing the facts of your case with him or her.

Of course, other than this, you will want to make sure that whoever you hire has a high winning average especially in cases that are similar to yours. A lawyer is only as good as his win-to-lose percentage and the number of happy clients he has.



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