Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing of job applicants and employees is an increasingly widespread practice. It is mandatory for a significant number of employers engaged in the transportation industry, and is actively encouraged by the State of Florida and other states as a means of reducing workers’ compensation costs and increasing the safety and productivity of the workforce. Public employers face special requirements with regard to drug and alcohol testing. A variety of state and federal laws regulate this area. Unfortunately, they are not necessarily consistent with each other. We help the employer who is required, or who chooses, to engage in drug/alcohol testing to recognize and understand the differences in the various legal requirements. Developing the written program is but the first step. A seemingly endless variety of new questions continue to arise as drug and alcohol tests become more and more widely used. Explaining the program to employees and giving consideration to the impact of the program on employee morale and employee relations is also an important part of the overall drug testing picture. Our experience enables us to provide advice on all aspects of drug and alcohol testing in a cost-effective manner.