Human Resources Advice and Counsel:
The Preventive Approach

Labor and employment law, perhaps more than any other area of the law, lends itself to a preventive approach. Whether the problem involves unions, discrimination, discipline, discharge or any other human resources issue, when we analyze the genesis of the problem we find that there was an identifiable point at which the problem often could have been avoided or at least minimized. Advising employers at or before those critical points is one of our most important services. We encourage employers to consult with us when there are difficult employment decisions to be made. Our attorneys are readily accessible either for telephone consultation or a face-to-face meeting. We analyze the relevant facts and circumstances, consider the options, and assess the risks. We then make a reasoned judgment and advise our client accordingly. Most conflict can be avoided, but if not, the employer’s position can often be optimized and the risk of litigation minimized. Our litigation experience provides the foundation for litigation avoidance.

In furtherance of the preventive approach, we also help employers in the development and implementation of personnel policies; review employee handbooks, supervisory manuals and employment applications for legal compliance; draft employment and separation/release agreements; and conduct employee and supervisory training in all facets of labor and employment law, such as harassment, discipline and union avoidance.