June 2011 to Present
Mediation provides you the opportunity to fashion a resolution of your choosing through the use of communication, negotiation and problem-solving. As your mediator, my role is that of a neutral and impartial third party assisting you in working toward a voluntary resolution of your dispute. In this capacity, I will not only work to reduce any existing obstacles to communication, but also encourage the parties to identify the issues and evaluate resolution options.

Fees:  My billable rate for mediation services is $295 per hour.  Any pre-mediation document review, and any post-mediation work, including, but not limited to, follow-up telephone conferences, testimony at a deposition or hearing, will be billed at this hourly rate.  I do not bill time for travel, unless airfare is required or unless mediation is over 50 miles away, round trip.  Each side shares the fee equally unless other arrangements are made.  The minimum charge when a half-day mediation is reserved is three (3) hours; and, the minimum charge when a full day is reserved is five (5) hours. 

Call (941) 365-6006 to check availability.